What is IPSC NT?

Welcome to IPSCNT (International Practical Shooting Confederation) NT Inc.  IPSC is one of the fastest expanding shooting sports with over 100 countries worldwide now members of IPSC.
IPSC stages or courses of fire utilize many props and targets that are not found in the more traditional shooting disciplines. You will be presented with such things as the shooter moving around a stage, having moving targets, multiple targets, and the challenge of the shooter solving the course of fire as presented.
There are five divisions in IPSC:

  • Open Division
  • Standard Division
  • Classic Division
  • Production Division
  • Revolver Division

All Divisions shoot the same stages (courses of fire), on the same day/s in a match. However, when calculating match standings, only divisional stage scores are compared. Thus, the top shooter in Open on a stage is the measure for all other Open shooters, and likewise for all other Divisions.
In addition to the handgun discipline, there are practical rifle, practical shotgun and action air disciplines. These disciplines have competition rules similar to handgun and are scored in the same way. The divisions in all the disciplines are similar.
For more information regarding the types of handguns allowed in IPSC, please visit the IPSC World Body website at www.ipsc.org

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