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What is IPSC NT?

Welcome to IPSCNT (International Practical Shooting Confederation) NT Inc.  IPSC is one of the fastest expanding shooting sports with over 100 countries worldwide now members of IPSC. IPSC stages or courses of fire utilize many props and targets that are not found in the more traditional shooting disciplines. You will be presented with such things as...
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Joining IPSC NT

IPSC is a shooting sports discipline

Initially, participants need to be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC. Look at the Links page to see if your club is affiliated. If your current club is not affiliated, contact the IPSCNT Section Coordinator for a club application form. To join IPSC as an individual...
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National Grading

A National grade allows you to compete against competitors of similar ability at any competition within Australia. Without a grade, you are not eligible for recognition in the grade results in any sanctioned IPSC Australia competition.

The National Membership Officer maintains the National Grading List.

Grade Levels


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