IPSC is a shooting sports discipline

Initially, participants need to be a member of a shooting club which is affiliated with IPSC. Look at the Links page to see if your club is affiliated. If your current club is not affiliated, contact the IPSCNT Section Coordinator for a club application form.

To join IPSC as an individual member you are required to pass the IPSC Australia Holster Safety and Proficiency Course. If your club is not affiliated to IPSC Australia, contact the IPSCNT Section Coordinator for details on how to carry out a holster course.

People wishing to complete a holster safety and proficiency course should have access to a suitable handgun (centre-fire in 9mm, .357 or .38 calibre), with holster and belt, speed loaders (for revolver) or magazines and magazine pouches (for semi-auto pistols). New members of shooting clubs usually cannot own a handgun until a training/probationary period is over (usually six months).

What kind of people compete in IPSC matches?

As in any popular sport, a wide variety of people enjoy IPSC shooting including many women and families. It is not unusual to find husbands and wives and families participating in IPSC activities. All our members are strong advocates of safety and safe gun handling as well as good sportsmanship.

Is there a place in IPSC for beginners?

Absolutely! All our members were once at the beginner stage. By becoming active in matches hosted by an IPSC club you will have the advantage of qualified range officials and courteous range staff. You will normally find IPSC shooters are pleased to give a helping hand in getting you started.

Is IPSC shooting an expensive sport?

As in any other recreational activity there is virtually no limit to the amount you may spend on handguns and associated equipment. However, to get a solid start in IPSC shooting, all that is required is a reliable handgun, suitable equipment, ammunition, eye and ear protection, and a big dose of enthusiasm.